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What are Afterlife Dollars?

An Afterlife Dollar is the official currency of the afterlife. Just like the Australian dollar is in Australia and the US dollar in the US. It’s issued by the Afterlife Dollar Central Bank and can be used to pay for transactions in the next life.


Why do I need money in my afterlife?

When you die, it’s just your body that ceases to exist. Your spirit ascends to a realm called the afterlife economy. A place where you’re expected to pay for goods and services just like in this world. 

What can I use my Afterlife Dollars for?

Your Afterlife Dollars can be used to clear your karmic debt, paving the way for your entry into heaven. And once you’re there, they can be used to pay for expenses such as boarding, lodging, shopping and entertainment.


How can I get Afterlife Dollars?

You can buy Afterlife Dollars at any of our branches, just like you would purchase a foreign currency. The amount you get will depend on the exchange rate. The money is held by the Afterlife Central Bank and will be made available to you after your death.


Can I buy Afterlife Dollars elsewhere?

We’ve been appointed sole distributors by the Afterlife Central Bank. When you buy Afterlife Dollars from us, you can be sure they’re genuine.


How do I access my Afterlife Dollars after death?

When your arrive in the next world, the officials at the Afterlife Central Bank will verify your identity using your soul’s electromagnetic signature. Once that’s complete, your Afterlife Dollars will be made available to you.

What happens if I don’t have money for my next life?

Without the AfterlIfe Dollars to clear your karmic debit, you may find it more challenging to get into heaven or pay for your expenses while you’re out there.


Are Afterlife Dollar deposits guaranteed?

Yes, your deposits are guaranteed by the Afterlife Central Bank.

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